Fitness Facility

Fitness Facility

Brooksville Country Club offers a State of the Art Fitness Center designed to meet all of your health and fitness needs.

Outdoors you can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere poolside with friends and family or perhaps a challenging game of tennis. Our gym provides all the equipment necessary for a productive workout while watching your favorite television program on our flat-screen TVs.

The Fitness Center also offers a variety of fitness classes suitable for a range of fitness levels and interests as well as personal training all  taught by certified professionals. Our sauna, tanning beds and hydro-therapy bed are great additions to our facility.

Whether your goal is to live a more active lifestyle or de-stress at the end of the day, our professionally staffed center is available to serve you.

    • Group Fitness
    • Personal Training
    • massage
      Hydro-Therapy Bed

      Our AquaMED® dry hydro-massage bed is a water massage system engineered to combine relaxing therapies of water, heat and massage. This unique open design allows you to experience the traveling jet system for a full body massage, in the comfort of our private room. This is a great way to relax after a workout or to just unwind after a long day. In as little as 15 minutes you could relieve muscle tension or soreness, increase muscular range of motion or simply relax and relieve stress.

    • tan
      Solaris Plus Lay-Down

      This bed has 42-lamps with 3 facial tanners, which emits the right amount of UVA and UVB to provide both immediate and delayed tanning results for a beautiful and longer lasting golden tan. It provides maximum tanning in a short 15 minute session. With its body-cooling fan, this bed ensures a comfortable tanning session.

    • tan2
      SunDome 548V Stand –Up

      The SunDome® 548V tanning booth is designed to put you at the center of tanning intensity. It gives you an even all-over bronzing tanning, with its powerful 48 lamps. Its unique design creates a “chimney flue” effect, pulling air in from the bottom and exhausting through the overhead fan to create a cool, breezy environment for maximum tanning comfort. You will love the quick, 10-minute, no contact tanning sessions. View our Tanning & Hydro-Therapy Bed Packages

    • pool
      Recreation & Leisure

      Our beautifully maintained in-ground swimming pool is located at the back of our fitness center. We have plenty of poolside furniture, and the pool area is available for parties and cookouts. The pool is a Junior Olympic pool size which means it is 50 meters long and can be used for training and swimming laps.

Summer Sports Camps

Contact the Fitness Center at 352-796-8236 for more information.

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